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Re-Branding Marketing

Developer & Designer

Responsive Email

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Interactive Designer

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Graphic Designer

Website Design

Web Designer


Web Developer

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Stephanie Freund

Web Developer, Graphic Designer,
Social Media Specialist

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My curiosity for how things work has brought me to this point.
I love what I do and I am constantly finding ways to learn more.

In the last year I've had opportunities that have lead me across the country.
I'm currently located Minneapolis, MN where I work as a freelance designer and developer.

Fun Facts

My roots: Midwest Surf Capitol & Brat Capitol of the world: Sheboygan, WI.
Can't live without: Bikes, bikes, & more bikes, sunshine, sarcasm, also bikes!
Recent addictions: Phở, Instagram, The Front Bottoms, travel.
What keeps me young: Warped Tour, Weezer's Blue album, driving across country.


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